Wednesday, February 17, 2021

since we last talked

 We lost another tree!

This stupid snow is laying on again  ....

I added yellow to my wreath welcoming Spring!  It aint working!

Dug these out yesterday. Now I have seven done. Had 6 1/2  done in a box. If I can get out of here I'm going to buy me a puzzle!


  1. That's WAY too much snow for me! I like your yellow - too bad it doesn't work - but when Spring comes - you'll be ready - LOL. Your embroidery is pretty - ;))

  2. It is so sad to lose a tree. Hopefully maybe you can use it for firewood? Still snow? Hopefully not frigid weather. I love your Spring Time wreath; its well as your chicken scratch pink hearts. A puzzle will be a good way to spend some time.

  3. Oh I love your wreath! your stitching is lovely. yes it is hard to lose trees we had some cut before we lost them or they found our roof. But we burn wood.

  4. Most of our trees seem to have a limited lifespan. If they come down on their own, it saves us a lot of money to have them taken down later when they are too big and encroach our house. Then we can see they were insect-infested and not healthy, so it’s necessary. I have a similar yellow wreath, and will put it on my front door. Maybe it will work here! Lovely embroidery, Jen. What will you do with these??

  5. Spring will get here when it gets do know that it isn't due for over a month, right?
    Is that embroidery what is called "Chicken scratch?"
    Amazon has puzzles - and they deliver.

  6. I have not left the house in nine days....don't own a coat....Oh...I did layer up and make a small snow man but that is it. Stay warm.